How It Works

How to use the service

All Hotel Gift Cards are exchanged for an e-voucher or voucher code unique to you and your gift amount. This voucher code can be used to redeem your voucher either online or via the phone.

To use your gift card:

1. Register your gift card from the HotelVoucherShop gift card home page, click here and follow the 5 simple steps until your card is registered. At the end of registration you recieve a 16 digit voucher code.

2. Within 24 hours you will receive a voucher code which you can use to book at over 70,000 hotels worldwide.

3. When you have your 16 digit voucher code, go to, search for a hotel and click book. When asked, put in your 16 digit voucher number.

Using the voucher code:

1. Simply search online for the hotel you require on the dates you want.

2. Once you have found a hotel you are happy to book, simply select book to confirm the hotel and insert your card number where required during the booking process.

3. Insert your details and ensure that on the confirmation page you insert your card reference in the space where it says
‘ INSERT CARD CODE’ this then reduces the cost of your stay as per the amount on your card. Simply follow the payment process paying for any additional costs with any major credit card.

4. Any hotel booked lower than the value of the card will only take the amount of your stay off the card and you may use the remaining amount to book on another occasion in the future prior to the expiry date on the card.

Card expiry dates

Unfortunately cards have to have expiry dates, please check on your card for expiry date this is NON NEGOTIABLE and usually 1 full calendar year from date of purchase. If a card falls outside of the expiry date you will have to pay 20% of the card value to re-instate the cards full value amount. (this % may be changed)

Common Questions on the service

* When do I pay for the card? Full payment of the card will be required at the end of the booking process.

* What amounts are the cards available in? Cards are available in any denomination you wish starting from £25.00 and can be used by the recipient as many times as they wish until the card amount has run out. The recipient is sent a card that can be used at a later date and no hotel has to be chosen until the recipient chooses to use the card (all cards carry a 1 year expiry date)

* How does the recipient use the card I send to them? The recipient will search and book the hotel they wish at a later stage, they can pay any additional amount required if they require a hotel that is higher than the value of the card.

Buying bulk/corporate or Incentive cards

Simply click on the corporate card icon for wholesale, corporate and bulk card orders and follow the simple instructions, to receive your cards instantly the best way to pay is by credit card, however you can arrange to pay via bank transfer or cheque, cleared funds are required prior to the card being used. Alternatively for any questions or to discuss how we can help, contact our corporate team, email: